11.10 - 14.10.2017

11.10 - 14.10.2017



Registration for Crimea X Run 2017

Basic information

Through a point, e.g. 31.12.1990
Please, write the name of running club you train in/represent
For "CXR17/Team" course, TEAM NAME is the identifying information. No more than 4 athletes can take part in the team competition

Personal information

Necessary for the clearance of passage in protected areas of the Republic of Crimea, all information is strictly confidential

In case of emergency

Please specify your T-shirt size

Specify your name and surname in Latin letters

It is necessary for posting protocols on the ITRA website

Please specify, which trail competitions with distance over 30 km, you have participated in

Note and promo code

     The event organizers are Smart Action


                       +7 (495) 221-12-64