Multi-day ultra-tail in Crimea

This 4-day stage trail race* (4-day mountain marathon) Crimea X Run  runs along the southern coast of the Crimea, passing all the main natural, historical and architectural sights of the peninsula. The sportspeople do the cross-country running ~ 170 km with total height gain of 9000 meters. Term of the event in 2019: October 16-19.


* This is a sport event that implies running along natural terrain in free pace or within the framework of competition. It includes the elements of cross-running and mountain running.

Crimea X Run has joined the Russian Trail-running Cup (RTRA series) in several categories at the same time: Trail (less than 42 km), Trail Medium (from 42 to 69 km), Trail Ultra (more than 100 km).


The Russian Trail-running Cup is an annual competition that is held by the Russian Trail-running Association in order to promote trail-running as a track-and-field discipline on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Cup unites a series of competitions on trail-running held on the territory of the Russian Federation and is carried out under the patronage of the Russian Athletics Federation.


After the conducted assessment Crimea X Run Race has been certified by the international organization ITRA, has become a member of ITRA and is recommended for participation by foreign sportspeople.

Besides, after assessment and certification by the international association of trail runs Crimea X Run Race has become a qualified race for participating in the famous run around Mont Blanc UTMB - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

For the next few years we set a goal for Crimea X Run to get in on of the most prestigious series of world trail races.

Crimea X Run 2018 - What it was like:

The event organizers are Smart Action company Smart Action

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